"How To Liberate the Receptive, Wild Woman"

A Breakthrough in Sexual Spiritual Knowledge

Does a lack of knowledge and sexual expertise prevent you from experiencing the greater depths of your sexual potential?  Has sex and relating left you feeling disconnected and unsatisfied?

Many men are longing to experience the liberated, sensually available woman. This type of woman is  a powerful sensual partner, that can also shower a man's internal experience with spiritual power, financial abundance, peace of mind and much more.

The average woman has taken in so much toxic negativity into her field, that she is virtually unrecognizable as the magnetic, feminine, delicious creature that she was designed to be.   Instead the average modern woman is oriented to the masculine and is therefore exhausted, controlling and fearful.

What can be done? There is no shortage of misinformation, disinformation and lies offering to solve relationship and sexual challenges. Everything from sexual potency pills to seduction programs to questionable relationship advice.  It’s no wonder that most people are truly struggling to determine what works and what is purely scam.

Because so many men and women need a real solution for understanding deeper levels of relating, Shantam Nityama has dedicated the majority of his life assisting women and men to find proven solutions. This includes encouraging women to develop the art of deep relaxation in order to experience their essential authentic sexual selves, which allows them to discover their innate orgasmic nature. After devoting decades to this work, he created a breakthrough sexual methodolgy that provides real results. The  Nitvana BodyWork process is like nothing you have ever witnessed and provides a glimpse into a realm of power and pleasure that has been previously known by only a small handful of sexual adepts.

What makes this such a game changer for so many lovers is not only the realization of deep sexual bliss, connection and intimacy, but also the profound spiritual power that is only available to a sexually activated woman.  

What you will discover in the Nitvana Bodywork Demonstration:

  • The energetic anatomy of the body
  • How the world of subtlely profoundly impacts a woman sexually
  • The principles of how energy impacts the physical body
  • And much more...

Many products attempt to deal with the surface of sexuality, never allowing the lovers to glimpse and experience the deeper nature of lovemaking. Most men, sadly, go to their graves never undertstanding the more cosmic purpose of sex and never get to experience themselves evoking deep pleasure in their woman. It is only here that a man can understand his godly nature and his purpose on this earth. 

People that have experienced Nityama's work have had their lives radically transformed. People who have seen these videos have experienced being guided into a world that they never knew existed.

If you want to experience the most powerful sexually opening techniques on earth, you need to get the Nitvana Bodywork Download today.

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If you’re a woman or a man that wants to understand what is possible, go ahead and order today and explore the realm of the senses in ways you never imagined.

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